Essential Low Back Teacher Training

With yoga-related injuries on the rise, yoga instructors need to be proactively knowledgeable about prevention and safety.  This course, based on two National Institutes of Health studies, will educate you about the different kinds of lower back pain and how to address them to keep your students – and you – safe and pain-free.

In this 5-day intensive, you will develop the means to intelligently address the primary low back dysfunctions, hypo- and hypermobility, S.I. destabilization, pelvic misalignment, scoliosis, and lumbar-disc conditions. With Robin Rothenberg’s expert guidance, you will learn the importance of breathing, sequencing, and adaptation as key elements in addressing therapeutic issues.

The training focuses on functional anatomy of the pelvic girdle, strengthening exercises that develop the Inner Core, and developing an understanding of how to organize a yoga practice to ensure your students’ safety and pain relief. The daily workshop format will include developmental and therapeutic practices, teaching practicum, and case studies to provide you with an abundance of knowledge and skills that you can immediately utilize. Tuition includes a manual, Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credits and certification to teach The Essential Low Back Program as a series.

The ELBP training was by far the best continuing education training I have attended since I became a yoga teacher 8 years ago. Robin has a wealth of knowledge, in both human physiology and traditional yoga philosophy that she packs into this 5-day intensive. Yoga teachers from any background and level of experience will walk away feeling more confident to teach people with low back issues. Robin’s grace and wisdom are an inspiration.
— Renee M.

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