The Essential Low Back Training Program

For Yoga Teachers and Yoga Therapists

This is the CE Training you need!


The Essential Low Back Program will equip you with the assessment criteria and practical tools you need! Low back pain is one of the number one reasons students seek out yoga. Multiple studies show that yoga, when adapted therapeutically can be an extremely effective treatment protocol. Yet, many yoga teachers like you find themselves confused as to how to address the lower back conditions that plague their student population.

Get the Knowledge You Need

The ELBP  is based on the landmark NIH study that shifted the tide! Robin’s experience in training teachers and therapists is renown. Every yoga teacher, regardless of lineage can benefit from this program.

Over the course of the five days you will learn:

  • How to differentiate between the various types of low back conditions: hypo and hyper mobility; SI Dysfunction and lumbar disc compression

  • To develop an in-depth understanding of how to engage the Inner Core as a safety net for asana practice

  • To use the breath as a stabilization ally and means to calm the nervous system, directly quieting chronic pain reactivity

  • Common sequencing errors in yoga flow that tweak the back

  • Adaptive asana to keep the lower back happy

  • Foundational concepts to work with scoliosis

low back yoga teacher training.jpg


Once you’ve completed the training, your practicum assignment will set you up to be a Certified ELBP Instructor! The 7-week ELBP series is a great way to build your therapeutic brand and give you a leg up on the other teachers in your community. Join the ELBP community and start helping your students to heal!

The 2019 ELBP will take place in Florida this year. Click button below for more information.