Robin’s new book,   Restoring Prana  , coming in December 2019!

Robin’s new book, Restoring Prana, coming in December 2019!

Notes from Robin:

When I first began to explore pranayama and breathing for health, I wanted to convey the intrinsic value of Breathing Lite and have that message go viral, so everyone would cease and desist from the big breathing habit! As I delved more deeply into the research for my upcoming book, I realized that while breathing lite is the means — restoring prana is the ultimate intention. In other words, the less we breath, the more vital and alive we feel! Prana is the animating force that supports and sustains us — akin to the concept of ‘qi’ in Chinese Medicine. Cultivating a rich reservoir of prana is the essential goal of yoga practice and pranayama the primary tool to actualize it. It is the containment of prana that enables our vitality to thrive. This requires us to train ourselves to need less breath — not more.  

Restoring Prana: A Therapeutic Guide to Pranayama and Healing Through the Breath, for Yoga Therapists, Yoga Teachers and Healthcare Practitioners, articulates a step-by-step yogic process for achieving physical health and mental stability through breath re-education. Validated by the science of respiratory physiology, the text uniquely merges the wisdom of the ancient yogis, with modern day therapies, like the Buteyko Method and Intermittent Hypoxic Therapy. Look for our release date party December 2019, and the Restoring Prana companion workbook to be published in Spring 2020.

It is my personal mission in the upcoming years to inspire my colleagues in the yoga community to return to the original Vedic teachings, which counsel us to make the breath subtle and still, in order to restore pranic balance, first in ourselves and then in our students. To this end, I’ll be offering workshops and trainings in Restoring Prana,  which will both educate and offer practical means to transform pranayama practice to support health and healing. Please contact me with interest in hosting an event in your community


The Benefits of Breathing Lite and Restoring Prana

The wise yogis knew that everything needs to be held in balance. Overall their counsel was to become more internally efficient and need less. The practices of yoga are meant to enable us to be self-reliant and self-aware. As we practice, the body and mind are to become refined, stable, relaxed and still. The breath, our internal compass can take us into that state more readily than anything else. The yogis knew this too. That is why they counseled us to breathe LESS — to restrain the breath and make it more subtle. A quiet relaxed mind follows a quiet relaxed breath. 


Restoring Prana Individual Therapy

Individual Restoring Prana and Breathing Lite Therapy provides an opportunity to work one on one with Robin and focus on your specific needs.