The Zone of Apposition

The discovery of the Zone of Apposition or the ZOA has completely shifted my way of cuing for posture. Organizing the body around optimal, functional breathing makes so much more sense and integrates the core abdominal and mid-back muscles to work synergistically together.  It’s a revelation!


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Check out their blog post on the ZOA for more excellent info!


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On Retreat

I’m nesting. Cloistered in my hill-top villa over looking the Gulf of Nicoya, I rotate between my writing desk, my easel, my books and the pool.  I wake with the sun, breathe, walk, swim and do asana. Then, breakfast with my husband and back to my solitary work: writing and researching my book on the breath. Painting provides space for my mind to reset so I can re-enter the world of words fresh.

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