Yoga for Women’s Health

Changeability defines the midday time of life for many women. As children grow up and parents age, our relationship to family, work and even ourselves may be called into question. The strain of balancing the many needs from our community can leave us little time for self-care. Add to this mix, the physical and hormonal fluctuations that occur in our bodies, and we can feel like we’ve been put in the spin cycle with no access to the controls.

Yoga offers a wealth of tools to help us stabilize physically, mentally and emotionally. Robin utilizes the many tools of yoga therapy to address the particular imbalances brought on by the tides of change in mid-life, offering practices and practical understanding to help you live with more balance, grace and levity. She shares her vast experience as a yoga therapist to support women who are seeking natural solutions for midlife challenges.

In 2010 Robin was hired to create the yoga therapy protocol for a National Institutes of Health study designed to address hot flashes in menopausal women. The study indicated that yoga can be useful in improving quality of life factors such as sleep, sense of well-being and sexuality. Click here to read the findings from the MSFlash study.

Utilizing the five-dimension model of the koshas, from the yoga tradition, Robin has created a multi-tiered means to address well-being and balance to support women holistically in maintaining health.

Yoga for Physical Balance
Physical Balance focuses on the importance of sustaining joint stability, postural integrity, mobility, with specific emphasis on hip bursitis, frozen shoulder, arthritis osteoporosis, scoliosis and improving balance.

Yoga for Energetic Balance
How much of your energy goes out to others and how much to you retain for yourself?
Through meditative practices and personal inquiry, Robin will facilitate your coming to understand the ways you leak or absorb energy and how to bring your “energetic bank account” into balance.

Yoga for Mental Balance
Mental Balance offers a type of yoga ‘brain gym’, designed to sharpen memory and stimulate the mind-body pathways. Practices highlight the importance of challenging the mind through complex combinations of asana, pranayama and vedic chant shown to enhance mental agility.

Yoga for Emotional Balance
Emotional Balance provides you with the tools to gradually unwind the knots that bind you and an opportunity to re-fill the places that are depleted, down to your Soul. Through a powerful combination of pranayama, gentle asana, restorative poses and Yoga Nidra these practices address sleep issues, hot-flashes, headaches and anxiety by de-stressing the nervous system and inducing a state of calm connectedness. This work was a vital component of the NIH-study.

Yoga for Spiritual Balance
Whether your spirituality is linked to a particular religious tradition, a way of connecting with nature, or your means of serving others in the world, Robin utilizes her training as a Spiritual Director to help you nourish your spiritual heart and stay connected to that which sustains you.