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Breathing 101: Learning the Lesser Breath

One year ago I was a hacking, asthmatic yoga therapist desperately trying to ‘yoga’ and supplement my way to health so I could carry on in some manner of normal. After three exhausting months with no reprieve, I feared this latest iteration of respiratory blues had permanently lodged itself in my lungs. I reached outside my yoga toolbox and contacted a former student who had healed herself of asthma through the Buteyko breathing method.  This ignited my world with a whole new interpretation of functional breathing calling into question my 30 years of training in yoga pranayama. It also launched the healthiest, most energy vital year of my life where I can say in retrospect, the gift of Buteyko has been nothing short of miraculous.

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Yoga Therapy - A Case for Collaboration

I often find doctors and other medical professionals a bit perplexed when they hear of the wide spectrum of conditions with which my yoga therapy clients contend. Along with chronic back, neck and hip issues, there are those who also battle auto-immune disorders such as Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Lupus, M.S., RA or cancer. 

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