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Join the Breath Revolution!

Well, I just returned from the best SYTAR yet - and I can say that Buddha Breathing is definitely trending! Contrary to our common understanding that bigger breathing is better, Buteyko is actually backed by science and respiratory physiology.

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Yoga Therapy in Practice: Assembling the Pain Puzzle

Every day in my yoga therapy practice I have a similar jigsawpuzzle experience. Typical scenario: a client enters asking for assistance in alleviating pain. Although pain can show up in a variety of places in the body, heart, or mind, objectively speaking “pain” is not a complete descriptor of the experience any particular person may be having at any particular time. 

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Yoga Therapy Today Feature

Look for Robin's contribution to this quarter's issue of Yoga Therapy Today, focused on using yoga therapy in the treatment of chronic pain. Yoga Therapy Today is published by the International Association of Yoga Therapists and is edited by Kelly M. Birch, ERYT-500. 

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