Our group yoga therapy classes are on the leading edge of using yoga as a complementary treatment to traditional medical healing practices.

Our weekly group yoga classes are specially adapted for people who need a little slower pace and extra TLC. These yoga classes are beneficial for people living with auto-immune disorders such as: fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, MS, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer and HIV.

Group yoga classes are also supportive for those healing from structural challenges such as chronic back, neck pain or joint restrictions. The group atmosphere offers a friendly and communal space to re-integrate body and soul, and provides a safe way to begin moving.

Regardless of the origin of disease, all students benefit from the deep relaxation, gentle stretching, overall toning and breathing techniques. Postures are adapted individually as is appropriate: Chairs and yoga props offer great options to keep knees, hips and backs from strain and stress. Students leave class feeling empowered by learning new ways to alleviate their own pain and tension, while finding a greater sense of peace of mind.Group

Please consult with Robin prior to entry into any of the above listed classes.

Therapeutic Yoga with Robin has been a great help to me. Within the first two sessions her recommendations about muscle cramps made a huge difference. I am also learning to adapt and relax instead of trying to fix my body. I would recommend this class to anyone with stiffness or tightness in their body.
— Bob H.
After a cardiac arrest that left me very weak, I began taking Therapeutic Yoga with Robin. With her support I began to build up my strength. When life challenged me again with the loss of my son and open heart surgery, it was my yoga practice and Robin’s encouragement that straightened out my mind and emotions. There were many times I felt as if my yoga practice saved my my life!
— Rachel W.