The Best Yoga Retreats Are With Robin

Yoga Retreats are a magnificent way of nourishing yourself, body, mind and spirit! Take a day, weekend or whole week to move your body, breathe deeply, eat sumptuous food, and rest in contemplative awareness. Beautiful natural settings create the backdrop for our time of introspection, whether held at our Fall City studio or in sub-tropical paradises around the globe.

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Robin’s yoga meditation retreats and spiritual retreats are a perfect way to vacate from the daily grind and help you reconnect to the quiet spaciousness of your own center. Robin’s unique gift for facilitating yoga retreat groups creates a safe and supportive net to dive deep into your own healing process.

Robin’s yoga retreats have been named by the UK’s The Guardian newspaper and website as among “10 of the World’s Best Yoga Retreats.”

Wow! I knew I was signing up for something great – but my expectations were nowhere close to how amazing this retreat was. Once Robin began our opening circle at beautiful Willka T’ika, I knew just how special this time was going to be. For me, this was a transformative trip. My life has changed, and I couldn’t be happier.
— Melanie

Peru 2013

A dozen yoga practitioners and students joined Robin in late April on a getaway to the Sacred Valley. Using ‘Willka T’ika as a home base, they explored Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley, meditated among the ancient ruins and reconnected to the light of our own Spiritual Heart.

Daily yoga practice in one of the Earth’s most power energy centers made it a truly healing retreat as participants engaged in deep introspection and rediscovered their inner spirit.

From start to finish this journey was truly a magical one! Our time was well planned to allow us a good balance of engaging in the native culture, receiving insightful Yoga practices with Robin, meditation in the chakra gardens, and food that is not to be believed! Our quechua guide Hilda, provided us with a great deal of history and cultural experiences while sharing with us many spiritual traditions as we traveled through the Sacred Incan Valley. And of course, who could ever forget the journey to Machu Picchu! Thank you Robin for sharing this amazing place with us!
— Kimberly
Traveling with Robin on a yoga retreat to Peru IS a sacred journey to the Sacred Valley. The 2013 Peru trip was rich in scenery, culture, education, history, beauty and magic. Robin is masterful at setting an intention and weaving all the elements of yoga into a robust tapestry that supports both personal growth and the group collective experience. I can’t imagine no better way to experience the wonders of Peru’s Sacred Valley than under Robin’s guidance based at the Willka T’ika yoga retreat center.
— Yvonne Hall