Dr. Lynn Hughes, Board Certified Psychiatrist, D.O., RYT-500 in Viniyoga

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Dr. Lynn Hughes is a board certified psychiatrist with nearly 30 years of experience in mental health care. In Michigan, Lynn was an Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Michigan State University for 12 years and an Assistant Professor in the year prior to her family relocating to Washington. In 2003, she began training in Robin Rothenberg’s 500 hour yoga teacher training program and from 2004-2012 she taught yoga specifically targeting seniors, mood disorders, anxiety, stress, chronic pain and PTSD. Dr. Hughes abiding interest has been in finding what works for patients and those that care for them.  How do we integrate the modern advances in medicine and psychological understanding with wisdom traditions that have much to teach us about the human condition?

Lynn’s focus in the EYT training program is on the weave of yoga, neuroscience, psychological development, physiology, and the often challenging integration of eastern traditions with western medicine. She also teaches the Motivational Interviewing part of the program that provides evidence based tools to support clients to actively participate in developing goals, changing difficult habits and establishing new ones that better serve them. Mentoring and assistance around the challenging emotional issues that emerge as clients do the hard work of change is another resource Lynn provides to the program.

Dr. Hughes is now on the staff at Eastern State Psychiatric Hospital working with staff to bring yoga and mindfulness practices to the staff and patients. It has been incredibly exciting to see the passion and interest of people, who serve the most challenging patients in the mental health care system, eager to learn non-medication tools to help patients transform their lives.