Gifts for Beginners - Introduce a Loved one to the Benefits of Yoga!


Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation that progressively releases tension in the body and mind. It has been proven effective at addressing anxiety, chronic pain and sleep disorders.

Evocative imagery of river water and gentle breezes induce a state of cool calm, as Robin guides you to dial down your inner thermostat.


If you are one of thirty-one million Americans who currently suffers from low back pain, there is hope.


Yoga Nidra comes from an ancient Tantric tradition for cultivating a mental sense of quietude and deep physical and emotional relaxation. 

This Nidra CD was created to offer refuge and calm to those with overactive minds.

Intermediate Gifts - Expand Your Yoga Knowledge at Home!

Stress Relief

In this 2-part online yoga course, yoga therapist and author Robin Rothenberg takes an in-depth look at how yoga can be used to relieve anxiety, calm mind and body, and soothe the spirit.



The ancient yoga masters instructed us to conserve our prana so our mind would be clear and our energy vibrant. Linking breath to prana they discovered the secret to health through a process of reduction and subtlety. Yet, our modern day yoga classes have us noisily respiring at huge volumes that expend prana and may in fact be detrimentally affecting our health! 

Gifts for the advanced yoga practitioner in your life

Continuing Education

In a groundbreaking new online course, Fascia and the New Anatomy of the Body, Tom Myers and Robin come together to offer a revolutionary perspective on fascia as it pertains to movement in general and the practice of yoga specifically. 




Immerse yourself in this unforgettable and nurturing 10-day retreat with Robin Rothenberg, Essential Yoga Therapy and Molly McManus, Yoga North!

This is the perfect retreat for friends and couples to attend together as our focus on personal healing and transformation accommodates the most faithful to the most reluctant yogi!