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Breathing Clinic for Children and Adults

Children and Adult Breath Re-training Clinics with Patrick McKeown.

Breathing through the mouth, frequent sighing or sniffing, snoring and sleep apnea result in stress, fatigue, respiratory complaints, poor concentration, disrupted sleep, brain fog and increased inflammation in the body.  Learning to BREATHE RIGHT can reduce the need for  medications, alieviate symptoms of allergies, and inflammatory disorders (including IBS and migraines),  improve sleep and increase vitality and health!

Parents in particular should learn about breathing and its impact on childhood development. For information about this please view this page. 

These clinics with Patrick are a rare event and well-worth the investment of time and money. Study and learn from one of the international masters in Buteyko breathing! Children are to be accompanied by their parent(s).  

“My own 9-year old granddaughter took Patrick’s training last year and her sleep, concentration and school performance have improved tremendously! Best of all, she has experienced the healthiest year of her life, overcoming the chronic sinus and ear infections that kept her down on the couch and feeling crummy since she was an infant.”
— Robin Rothenberg, EYT Founder

Adult classes:  March 3 & 4 10 am - 12 pm  $100 with optional  follow-up on March 7, 10-12 for an additional $25

Children’s and Teen's classes: March 3 & 4th 4-5 pm  $75 with optional follow-up on March 7, 4-5 pm for an additional $15.

These classes will teach people with asthma, sleep disorders (snoring/apnea), anxiety, chronic fatigue and other chronic inflammatory conditions how to breathe correctly to improve their health. The children’s classes are taught in a manner that is playful and fun for the kids and also informative for the adults.  Teens with exercise induced asthma participating in sports with find this training will greatly improve their aerobic capacity.  Register today!!

Classes for Asthma/Health with Patrick McKeown
from 75.00
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