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Restoring Prana: The Truth About Pranayama, the Breath, and Your Health

  • Village Green Yoga 1871 NW Gilman Blvd. Suite 2 Issaquah, WA (map)

Did you know that there is an actual optimum amount to breathe?

Breathing too much can be as hazardous to your health as eating too much!

In our out of balance world that equates more with better, our breathing habits have spun far out of the range of healthy!

Come and learn from breathing expert and pioneer, Robin Rothenberg, about how to become a functional breather.

Based on her soon to be published text on pranayama, Robin will share the knowledge she’s accrued from intensive study in respiratory science, and the original Vedic teachings on breathing. The format will be a combination of lecture and experiential practice.

This course is guaranteed to be revelatory for yoga teachers, therapists and practitioners, as well as anyone dealing with respiratory challenges, chronic inflammatory issues, anxiety, depression, or sleep disorders.