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Hands on Adjustment Workshop with Llewellyne Arden


Llewellyne returns to EYT to share her expertise in how to provide safe and effective hands-on support to students. 

This workshop is useful for both new and experienced teachers. It is designed to allow ample opportunity for actual practice

so teachers come away with more awareness and confidence in how to adjust students in a wide variety of postures

Fundamentals of Adjusting; Theory and Practice

Sat. Apr. 28th   10-4

Refining the Art of Adjusting: An Exploratory Practice Forum

Sun. Apr. 29  10-4

(Previous course with Llewellyne or equivalent required for acceptance into the Sunday program as a stand-alone) 

No. of Days:
Llewellyne’s workshop was great. Reading the handout after getting home, I appreciated the time and effort she put into her offering. She is a clear, knowledgeable, and caring teacher!
— -B.D
The practice was great. We “tried on” our student’s common postural misalignments and then corrected them in our own bodies. I will be doing that at home for sure.
Taking turns copying Llewellyne’s movements and getting immediate feedback from the “student” was IMMENSELY valuable.
— S.R.

About the Instructor


Llewellyne Arden began her study of yoga in 1998 in the Iyengar method. She completed her initial teacher training program with Senior Iyengar Teacher Felicity Green along with several apprenticeships and numerous intensives as continuing education to enhance her yoga expertise. She has been teaching yoga consistently since 2001, including elderly, children, teenagers, prenatal and postnatal women, those with health issues, women's retreats, and special workshops. Llewellyne has a therapeutic approach to yoga offering options for all body types and challenges.
Llewellyne has completed a 500 hour teacher training program with Robin Rothenberg of Essential Yoga Therapy and intends to continue with the Yoga Therapy program to become certified as a yoga therapist with the International Association of Yoga Therapists.

 Llewellyne approaches yoga as a way of life and is passionate about helping people connect with themselves more deeply and improving their overall quality of life through yoga