Grow Your Practice at EYT

With yoga-related injuries on the rise, yoga instructors need to be proactively knowledgeable about prevention and safety.  This course, based on two National Institutes of Health studies, will educate you about the different kinds of lower back pain and how to address them to keep your students – and you – safe and pain-free.

In this 5-day intensive, you will develop the means to intelligently address the primary low back dysfunctions, hypo- and hypermobility, S.I. destabilization, pelvic misalignment, scoliosis, and lumbar-disc conditions. With Robin Rothenberg’s expert guidance, you will learn the importance of breathing, sequencing, and adaptation as key elements in addressing therapeutic issues.

To read more about the NIH studies, please visit our Research Page

Webinars through YogaU

Robin has worked with YogaU to bring you several webinars, available whenever you want them. Most of Robin's webinars include a free customized yoga practice that to help you integrate the information learned in the course.

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Host Robin in Your Area

Robin presents on various aspects of yoga therapy around the country. Her weekend offerings can be oriented specifically for teachers, or can be held more as an open forum to benefit both students and teachers.