Launching the new site - from Dublin!

With all of the exciting events coming at EYT, it seemed like the perfect time for a site redesign - and the launch of our new blog! We hope this site will serve as a valuable resource to those who are looking for information on yoga therapy, teacher training, webinars, Buteyko breathing, and more.

Robin has been immersed in her work, from teacher training in Fall City to collaborating with Tom Meyers on their upcoming webinar. But this week she is returning to being a student with a training on Buteyko breathing in Dublin. Along with training and absorbing the culture, she will be sharing thoughts and photos from along the way! Stay tuned for more!

Day 1 - Dublin

First impressions of Dublin - It's like Seattle, except with more Starbucks, Double-decker buses and you have to listen extra hard to understand what people are saying, even though they're speaking in English. I arrived on the first and last sunny day for the duration of my stay and just like Seattle, everyone was out in the streets celebrating the sunshine.

I had a bit of time to walk through the main part of the city: Temple Bar, Henry and then Grafton Street where I had a lovely dinner and a glass of Guinness. They're celebrating 100 years of emancipation from the British this week, so it's an exciting time to be here. Guinness is huge - they make over 3 million pints of beer EVERYDAY!!  The plant is located right in the city and it's the most popular tourist attraction in Europe!!! Who knew? Post-training I'll do the tour - which includes of course a free pint. Can't imagine finishing it myself!  Tomorrow I start the training, full days for the next week.  Can't wait!!!

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