With its emphasis on therapeutic adaptation and in-depth philosophy, The Essential Yoga Therapy Advanced Teacher Training offers a unique professional training course, unparalleled in the Pacific Northwest.

Based on the Viniyoga lineage with core alignment principles drawn from the Iyengar tradition, this program is designed to take instructors with their RYT-200 and advance them into a vocational level of Instructor, capable of working with specialty classes and individuals. Registered with the Yoga Alliance at the 500 hour level, this training actually offers over 700 hours of course work, including 300 hrs. of Introduction to Yoga Therapy.

Robin Rothenberg, Certified Yoga Therapist and primary instructor is one of the lead yoga therapists in the country, and well-respected for the quality and uniqueness of her teaching techniques.

Robin is by far the most masterful yoga teacher I have ever trained with. Her ability to transmit the teachings of Viniyoga into practical and applicable lessons is magical, inspirational and scientific. My practice and my teaching were in every way transformed by this experience and they continue to be. I am forever grateful to Robin; she is with me every day on the mat and in the classroom. 

- Ellen B. – Yoga and Voice teacher for Cornish College of the Arts

The training begins with the Advanced Studies Program an intensive personal exploration of the yoga sutra, the pancha maya kosha and the chakras. It is followed by a rigorous examination of asana through the lens of functional anatomy, breath, sequencing principles, adaptation and adjustment. Detailed information will be relayed in how to address common conditions such as back, neck, knee, hip and shoulder injuries, mental disturbance and emotional stress. Through this program you will develop the skills needed to adapt asana practice for a wide-range of populations and to meet the needs of individual students within a group context.

In addition, the training delves deeply into the practices of pranayama, chanting, meditation and personal ritual to empower you as a teacher to weave these tools intelligently into your classes. During the 18-month course, the first and second chapter of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras are covered in-depth. The comprehensive structure of this training asks students to live a more conscious, present, and authentic life and to inspire others to do the same.

For those interested in pursuing a career in Yoga Therapy, the EYT Advanced Teacher Training provides 300 hrs. of Introduction to Yoga Therapy and covers pre-requisite competencies for the EYT Therapist Training, an IAYT Accredited Training Program.

All student-teachers are required to develop a personal practice incorporating the various tools of yoga. Robin will meet with you privately to help cultivate your practice and mentor you through the training process. This is an intense and intimate training, limited to 12, so that in traditional Viniyoga style, each trainee is encouraged to develop in the way most appropriate to him/her.

The Anatomy and Physiology portions will be taught by Dr. Jill Massengill, D.C., Yoga Teacher, and Dr. Lynn Hughes, D.O., Board Certified Psychiatrist. In addition to their vast experience in the medical field, both of these women are seasoned teachers in the Viniyoga lineage and on faculty for the EYT Accredited Therapist Training Program.

The yoga therapy component of Essential Yoga Therapy's courses, classes, instructions, and materials is derived from accreditation by the International Association of Yoga Therapists, and is not derived from any status granted by the Yoga Alliance Registry.